Nucrush Group and Volvo Trucks partner in school road-safety initiative

The Nucrush Group, in conjunction with Volvo Trucks, is running a road-safety initiative to educate primary school children on the role that trucks play in the community and the importance of being safe around trucks.

Nucrush proposed the initiative as part of the Nucrush Good Neighbour Programme in response to discussions with Highland Reserve State School about pupil awareness of road safety and truck movements past the school.

The initiative is free to the school, with all costs covered by Nucrush and Volvo. Developed in conjunction with Volvo Trucks, the initiative is the first of its kind for the truck manufacturer outside Europe.

Nucrush is a family-owned-and-operated business that has been providing quarrying products and concrete to the construction industry on across South East Queensland for over 40 years. General Manager, Michael Cooper, says, “Through our Good Neighbour Programme we've worked with lots of schools in the past, and in this case the local school came to us with a request. Our trucks use the main road that passes by the school, and in lieu of other safety measures being installed, we agreed that educating the children on truck safety was critical.

“Trucks are an essential part of our business and integral to the community. By delivering our products, our trucks make possible the very buildings we live and work in. It's important that children have an awareness of trucks and understand things like stopping distances and blind spots, which are very different from what they might be used to with cars.

“Volvo was the obvious choice as a partner for this programme, because our two companies have shared values. We both take safety, education and community participation seriously, so it's a natural fit. This is a great example of manufacturers and business working together for the benefit of the community.”

Gary Bone, General Manager of Volvo Trucks Australia agrees, “We are proud of our commitment to safety, so it makes perfect sense for us to work in partnership with Nucrush on this excellent initiative. We're looking forward to getting the kids up into the cab of a prime mover, to learn all about the safety features that can protect the driver, pedestrians and other road users.”

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