NTI urges proactive planning for storm season

Australian truck insurer, National Transport Insurance (NTI), is urging businesses to take a proactive approach to protecting their staff and assets this coming storm and cyclone season.

“Weather is out of all of our control, so we are working with customers to promote the importance of having an extreme weather plan in place,” said NTI CEO, Tony Clark.

“When it comes to protecting your employees and your livelihood, there is no such thing as being over cautious or over prepared,” he said.

The NTI has said that it is encouraging business owners to have a plan for protecting staff, premises and equipment in the event of a storm or cyclone, to minimise potential downtime and loss of income.

“Planning ahead can be as simple as distributing an emergency contact list and details of storm preparation plans to all employees, preparing emergency packs which include a torch and battery pack, food, first aid kit, clean water and a radio,” the NTI said in a statement.

Other recommendations include keeping surroundings tidy and, in the lead up to a weather event, ensuring outdoor items are stored inside if space permits, or are well secured outside; making sure vehicles and/or equipment are undercover or in a protected location to prevent damage from hail and wind.

The NTI has also shared the Bureau of Meteorology’s suggestions for exercising safety measures during weather events.

“Do not drive through flooded or high-risk areas – if caught, be aware of washout areas: avoid dips and underpasses,” the NTI said. “Severe lightning: Remain in the vehicle with windows closed, and avoid touching metal parts of the vehicle. Do not park under trees or other tall objects at risk of falling during the storm. If you’re able, stop driving. Hail: If you are unable to exit your vehicle, be sure to keep you head and face away from the windows.”

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