NTI statistics show notable improvement in road safety

The National Truck Accident Research Centre – founded by National Transport Insurance (NTI) in 2003 – has announced that the amount of serious incidents involving commercial vehicles in Australia has improved by 42.7 per cent since 2003, calling the result ‘unprecedented’.

The National Truck Accident Research Centre’s Major Accident Investigation Report researched 461 crash incidents that occurred in 2011, which collectively accounted for $54.7 million in claims payments by NTI.

It found that with all relevant factors considered, the ‘serious crash rate per thousand vehicles registered’ has improved by 42.7 per cent since 2003. Meanwhile, the road freight task has maintained significant growth from 150 to 209 billion tonne kilometres carried annually.

Inappropriate speed accounted for 25.4 per cent of major crash incidents in 2011, which was an improvement over the 31.8 per cent result in 2009.

When investigating only multi-vehicle fatal accidents, it was established that in every NTI insured fatal vehicle accident, the driver of the lighter vehicle involved or the third party, was at fault. This was a significant outcome from the 2011 data. Back in 2009, the truck was at fault in 18 per cent of NTI insured incidents involving a fatality.

The object of the study is not to apportion guilt but ultimately to use crash related information to establish support programs and technologies that offer risk based solutions to reduce the number of trucks involved in serious incidents.

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