NTI crash figures show cars at fault

Research released by trucking industry insurer, National Transport Insurance (NTI), has found car drivers are at fault in 82% of fatal crashes involving trucks. The NTI 2011 Major Accident Investigation Report found that no other vehicles were involved in 70% of major truck accidents but in fatal crashes involving other vehicles the other driver was at fault in 82% of the accidents.

The investigation used data from 323 major crash incidents, costing over $50,000 in value, costing a total of $44 million. Inappropriate speed was found to be the cause of 41.9% of accidents and fatigue related crashes have reduced by 50% since the last research report was published.

The Bruce Highway and the Warrego Highway in Queensland were found to have more accidents proportionally than any other major roads. Accidents on the Hume Highway dropped significantly in the period since 2003 from 11.1% to 2.5% of all the major truck crashes. Despite 46% of freight being carried on Australian roads, B-doubles only account for 28% of the serious truck accidents.

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