NTC releases annual report

The National Transport Commission (NTC) released its annual report for the 2010-11 financial year on 31 October. According to NTC Chief Executive, Nick Dimopoulos, the report highlights an exciting and productive 12 months at the NTC.

“Over the past year we have focused on consistently delivering on one of our most ambitious work programs to date,” said Mr Dimopoulos.

“We have continued to prioritise Council of Australian Government projects including work towards national legislation for the heavy vehicle and rail industries, development of a National Ports Strategy and investigation of road pricing and funding reform.

“Importantly, we have done so in partnership with industry stakeholders, all levels of government and unions conducting some of our most broad reaching consultations to date.

Mr Dimopoulos explained that the NTC has been focused on delivering COAG’s agreed reform priorities for the Standing Council on Transport and Infrastructure (SCOTI), formally the Australian Transport Council. This included the release of the proposed Heavy Vehicle National Law and accompanying Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) for public consultation.

“This was a significant step in the journey towards a single, National Heavy Vehicle Regulator for Australia,” said Mr Dimopoulos.

“It was the culmination of considerable work on consolidating 12 model laws and resolving over 360 variations in law across the country in partnership with our stakeholders.

He concluded, “We look forward to continuing our successful partnership with our stakeholders to ensure Australia has a safe, productive and sustainable transport system into the future.”

The full Annual report can be viewed on the NTC website.

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