NTC offering Senior Leaders Forums

The Victorian Transport Association (VTA) will support a series of Senior Leaders Forums hosted by the National Transport Commission (NTC) on Monday, 22 October, and Thursday, 1 November 2012.

The Melbourne forums will feature international keynote speakers who will address supply chain issues relative to freight supply chain industries in Australia.

The October forum will include US speaker Jerry Wood, who will discuss the impact of tripling container volumes in Los Angeles over the next 20 years, as well as truck management, technology, and the reduction of greenhouse emissions.

For the November forum, the Netherland’s Nico Anten will also discuss reducing greenhouse emissions and the Dutch efforts to make European freight logistics ‘leaner and greener’.

The VTA has also announced that similar forums are planned for Fremantle (Friday, 26 October), Brisbane (Monday, 29 October) and Sydney (Tuesday, 30 October). 

According to the NTC, all events are “invite-only”. 

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