NTC calls on survey participants

The National Transport Commission (NTC) has commissioned leading research experts to survey up to 400 industry representatives to determine their responses to possible changes of the way heavy vehicles are charged as part the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Road Reform Plan’s feasibility study.

This feasibility study investigates an alternative system of charging for heavy vehicles to help increase productivity and investment in the road network.

The NTC, in partnership with the COAG Road Reform Plan Project seeks to determine how changes to the way heavy vehicles are charged may impact the way in which freight tasks are carried out, including choice of vehicle and route, etc.

“Industry’s involvement in the survey will ensure we receive the right information about how different forms of charging may impact the decisions made by operators and logistics managers,” said NTC’s Project Director Heavy Vehicle Pricing, Matthew Clarke. “We’re encouraging anyone interested in participating in the survey to contact us.”

Those interested in participating in the survey should contact NTC’s Senior Policy Analyst Emily Porter on 03 9236 5031 or email eporter@ntc.gov.au by 23 December 2010.

For more info, visit the NTC website.

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