NTC calls for submissions

The National Transport Commission (NTC) released a discussion paper entitled Review of the Australian Road Rules and Australian Vehicle Standards Rules on Wednesday, 2 November.

According to the discussion paper, the Australian road rules could be improved to ensure they benefit the community.

The document was informed by extensive research including a nationwide survey of over 2000 adult Australians and makes recommendations for improvements to ensure the relevance of Australian road rules in today’s society.

The survey found that 67 per cent of Australians believe the current road rules are appropriate. It also found that 35 per cent of participants were made aware of road rule changes by television and radio advertising, with 54 per cent admitting to using common sense when unsure of rules.

The discussion paper found that on average, changes to the road rules are implemented within 18 months but could be implemented sooner and on a common date across states and territories. It said that this would help reduce deaths and injuries, where new or updated rules deliver large road safety benefits.

NTC Chief Executive, Nick Dimopoulos, said the review was essential to ensure the rules are responsive to Australia’s ever-changing transport environment.

“With the emergence of new vehicle and fuel technologies and a growing but aging population, it’s important the rules support national goals for safer and more sustainable transport.”

The discussion paper is open for comment on the NTC website www.ntc.gov.au until 16 December 2011.

“I encourage all Australians to review the discussion paper and provide us with feedback as these rules impact upon everybody,” said Mr Dimopoulos.

Feedback received during the consultation period will inform the development of a draft evaluation report for public consultation in April 2012.

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