NTC announces review of COR regime

A discussion paper for public consultation on the effectiveness of the current Chain of Responsibility regime has been released by the National Transport Commission. The regulations in the COR rules, which apply to specific parties in the supply chain including executive officers in corporations, now come under the Heavy Vehicle National Law, with the aim of making the supply chain responsible for compliance with transport law.

“This review will examine the COR provisions in the Heavy Vehicle National Law to ensure that they can be fairly and effectively enforced by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator,” said Robin Stewart-Crompton, Chairperson of the COR Taskforce. “The issues paper is intended to facilitate submissions to the review from a wide range of interested people. This will help us to make our recommendations to Ministers by early 2014.

“The paper does not, however, reflect our final views on the COR regime or indicate any possible conclusions that we may reach after we have considered the submissions and completed our examination of the relevant law and practice.”

The issuing of this paper was decided upon by the Standing Council of Transport and Infrastructure (SCOTI), the council of Transport Ministers from the States, Territories and the Commonwealth. SCOTI decided to establish the review in November 2012 with the aim of ensuring a fair, effective and appropriately targeted set of provisions.

“The chain of responsibility regime is an important part of the law,” said Stewart-Crompton. “We strongly encourage everyone who has an interest in fair and effective regulation of the heavy vehicle sector to consider the issues paper and provide comment. Anyone who makes a submission may address any relevant matters and should not feel restricted to what we have identified in the issues paper.

“We will undertake various other consultative activities, including workshops for an industry advisory group to provide us with advice at key points in our review. The South Australian Road Transport Association and NatRoads will jointly convene the group.”

Download the issues paper here. 

Or make a submission to the NTC here. 

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