NTC and Austroads to improve cooperation

The National Transport Commission (NTC) and Austroads have signed a new agreement to form a common line of action on road transport issues such as research, policy development, implementation and operational matters. Among the key areas of cooperation will be joint work to help pave the way for emerging technologies that will make the nation’s roads safer.

NTC Chief Executive and Commissioner, Paul Retter, said the closely coordinated working relationship between Austroads and NTC is important for the success of road transport regulatory reform.

“State and territory road transport authorities, together with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) have primary responsibility for the implementation of national transport reform. This is enhanced through the ongoing collaboration of Austroads and NTC,” said Retter.

He said one of the key areas of focus will see the NTC and Austroads continue to work together to prepare Australia for the introduction of co-operative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS). According to Retter, this new technology has the potential to radically improve road safety by enabling vehicles and surrounding infrastructure to exchange information about the location, speed and direction of other road users also using C-ITS.

“As technology changes, organisations like the NTC and Austroads need to provide policy and technical guidance on related issues such as privacy, liability and driver distraction,” said Retter. “NTC will work with Austroads to identify research opportunities and help develop Austroads strategic plan and annual work program. Austroads will have input into developing the NTC’s policies on transport regulatory and operational reform, mainly through research projects. The agreement will make implementation of national transport reforms more practical and effective.”

More information about co-operative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS) is available on the NTC website.

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