NSW roads get $500M funding boost

More support is on the way for councils to carry out urgent NSW road repair work following months of extreme weather events.

The New South Wales Government has announced a $500 million funding under the Regional and Local Roads Repair Program dedicated to restoring roads damaged by months of wet weather.

The funding, which will be available to local government areas in both Greater Sydney and Regional NSW, is in addition to the NSW Government’s $1.5 billion commitment to maintaining state roads each year, and on top of the $50 million already provided by the state government to help regional councils carry out emergency pothole repairs.

Months of excessive rains have badly damaged various sections of the roads across NSW, however, many sections including an estimated over 170,000 potholes have already been repaired. The latest funding injection will help finish the repair work across all local councils affected by the damage.

“We have listened to councils and we understand the pressure they are under from many months of wet weather. This funding boost will help councils continue the huge job of bringing roads back up to scratch to keep our state moving,” said NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet.

“We are making sure our roads are in the best nick possible so NSW families, truckies, farmers and tradies can travel around our state safely.

“We recognise potholes are a major hazard right now. This critical funding injection will help every council across the state patch up potholes as well as carry out other emergency repair work.”

Deputy Premier and Minister for Regional NSW Paul Toole said the road network had been battered, with hundreds of thousands of potholes opening up across the state and some roads washed away by landslips.

“Families who hit the road during Christmas would have seen first-hand the scale of the damage caused by last year’s flooding and rain,” he said.

“This $500 million boost is on top of the $50 million already provided by the Government to help regional councils carry out emergency pothole repairs. We always said there would be more support on the way and today we are delivering on that.

“Since the February floods, we have repaired more than 170,000 potholes across regional NSW alone. This additional funding will help repair hundreds of thousands more, right across the state.”

Minister for Metropolitan Roads Natalie Ward said the NSW Government is working closely with local councils to provide more funding for road repairs and new technology to fix potholes faster.

“Following the heavy rainfall and floods we provided early access to flood recovery funding for impacted councils and this additional funding announced today is to make sure councils can complete those vital repairs,” she said.

“On state-owned roads across Greater Sydney, the equivalent of standard football fields 139 times over have been repaired already and this latest funding will mean the potholes on your local street can be repaired by councils.

“In addition, we are trialling new ways to fix potholes faster with a rapid sealing ‘cold mix’ product and investing in technology that finds potholes before they find you through using vehicles to track and prioritise repairs across our roads.”

Minister for Regional Transport and Roads Sam Farraway said the application process will be simple and the cash will be available immediately so councils can get on with the job of urgently restoring the state’s road network.

“The new funding will start landing in councils’ bank accounts within weeks so work can begin right away on repairing the essential roads locals, tourists and freight operators use every day,” said Farraway.

“We understand that it’s not just about financial assistance, manpower is also needed, which is why the Government has already redeployed 200 Transport for NSW crews to Western NSW to help in the worst-impacted areas.”

Repair work must be carried out by 31 December 2023.

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