NSW releases app to reduce risk of being involved in a crash

Following the release of the iPhone version of the Speed Advisor app in February, Transport for NSW has launched the Android version of the driver awareness system.

Speed Adviser is an Advisory Intelligent Speed Adaptation System (ISA), which research has shown could reduce the risk of being involved in a fatal crash by 19 per cent.

The NSW Government is the first Government in the world to have released its own ISA application, which at present only operates within the state of NSW.

The development of the app included trial drivers covering more than 1.9 million kilometers during the test period and the recording of more than 7.6 million speed compliance records for analysis.

Initial results from the trial showed that participants using the app reduced the proportion of time they spent speeding by 89 per cent.

The initial ISA device was trialed in 2009 and cost $1,500 to install, but the current iPhone and Android applications are now free to download.

More than 225,000 kilometres of road network were mapped to provide the speed limit data for the apps.

The app also includes a two-year calendar of school term dates so that it can remind drivers wheat school zones are active. It’s also loaded with sunset and sunrise times and automatically dims on sunset to reduce glare to the driver.

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