NSW mobile speed camera hours increase from December

The NSW Government announced an expansion of the mobile speed camera program earlier this year to reduce speed-related incidents. As a result, mobile speed camera enforcement hours increase in NSW from December.

“Speeding is the biggest cause of fatalities and injuries on NSW roads, with illegal or inappropriate speed contributing to around 40 per cent of deaths on NSW roads, about 150 lives lost every year. Mobile speed camera vehicle markings and enforcement signs are more visible than ever before,' said Marg Prendergast, Centre for Road Safety General Manage.

Vehicles in NSW now see three signs notifying them of mobile speed camera activity, up to 250 metres and 50 metres before the mobile speed camera vehicle, and a third 50 metres past the vehicle.

“We don’t want to catch motorists speeding, we want them to slow down. This is what reduces crashes, deaths and injuries,” said Prendergast. “The road toll fell by 19 per cent during the first year of mobile speed enforcement, and speeding reduced by six per cent in most speed zones.”

In NSW, the proposed 7,000 hours of enforcement per month, up from the current 900 hours, is equivalent to 9.7 hours of enforcement per 10,000 population, which Transport for NSW point out, is smaller than the mobile speed camera programs in Victoria (16.8 hours per 10,000 population) and Queensland (14.9 hours per 10,000 population).

“It’s important to note that most drivers do the right thing, more than 99 per cent of vehicles that pass fixed and mobile speed cameras do not receive an infringement,” said Prendergast. “For those that speed, you are putting your life and the lives of other road users at risk, and these cameras are being increased to reduce risks. The mobile speed camera program is in place to prevent injuries and deaths on our roads caused by speeding and reduce the tragic burden of speeding on the community.”

All speed camera locations in NSW are listed on the Centre for Road Safety website

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