NSW Govt urged to lead on industry reforms

Sign on the Queensland border for entry into New South Wales.

The National Road Transport Association has put the case forward for the New South Wales Government to take a lead in driving national reform of the heavy vehicle industry in a submission to a Parliamentary inquiry.

NatRoad has told the NSW Legislative Council Transport Committee inquiry into Pressures on Heavy Vehicle Drivers that the industry is facing unprecedented challenges.

“NatRoad Members are reporting they are working on razor-thin profit margins of approximately two percent,” NatRoad CEO Warren Clark said.

“Factors like the lingering impacts of the pandemic, surging fuel prices, inflation, exorbitant motorway tolls, natural disasters, disruptions in the global supply chain, and a chronic shortage of drivers and mechanics have created an increasingly difficult operating environment,” he said.

“Additionally, the industry is grappling with rising registration costs, the Road User Charge, sluggish progress in reforming the Heavy Vehicle National Law, and overly stringent enforcement of minor regulatory breaches.”

Clark said immense pressure was being placed on road transport operators and costs are being passed onto consumers wherever possible with higher prices widespread across supermarkets, fuel stations, and pharmacies.

“The pressures in NSW have national and global implications as the state handles a significant portion of the national freight task,” said Clark.

“NSW must take a leadership position to drive regulatory and economic reform,” he continued.

“This proactive stance is essential to secure a sustainable future for our supply chains.”

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