NSW family farm acquires custom Isuzu truck

Shearer Mark Williams has taken delivery of a versatile Isuzu truck to transport sheep, load gear for fencing repairs, cart hay and more.

The NQR 87-190 Crew Cab model, acquired via Richard Pineros from Blacklocks Isuzu in Wodonga, features two-pedal Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) and a custom sheep crate fitted to the tray.

It also has a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of 8,700kg and a Gross Combined Mass (GCM) of 12,200kg.

“The NQR is an amazing work horse with great capability for a customer like Mark, who requires a vehicle for multiple purposes,” said Pineros.

“He wanted a truck that could take on any job around the farm, like moving livestock between paddocks and transporting feed, as well as being able to tow his trailers or take the vehicle on location when shearing.

“He also wanted the ease of an automatic truck without having to compromise on power or towing capacity which the whole family could drive, so the AMT model was the best fit here, suiting their needs perfectly.”

Williams told Isuzu he is an ‘old school fellow’ and prefers a manual truck.

“I was dubious at the time, but Richard told us that AMT was the way to go,” he said. “Looking back, I’m glad we took his advice, it’s been fantastic.”

In addition to shearing, Williams is also a primary producer, breeding sheep for wool and fat lambs.

“The day starts about six o’clock in the morning, and just goes from there, often late into the night if it’s birthing season or if the weather is frosty and we need to shed the sheep and lambs in from the cold and safe from predators,” he said.

“Some weeks I will be on location, camped out and shearing, then the week after I will be back home on my own farm.”

The truck is powered by Isuzu’s four-cylinder 16 valve 4HK1-TCC engine which produces 140 kw at 2,600 rpm and torque of 513 Nm at 1,600-2,600 rpm. The OEM said it packs a punch with a large payload capable of handling paddock duties through to carting sheep to shows.

As for in-cab comfort, Williams said the adjustable steering wheel and seat is useful.

In other news, Isuzu Australia has released new independent industry research revealing evolving trends and challenges within Australia’s road transport sector. ​

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