NSW drivers can now download live traffic information

NSW Roads Minister Duncan Gay has unveiled a new mobile alert service that allows motorists to customise information about traffic conditions in New South Wales.

“New versions of the Live Traffic NSW for iPhone and iPad apps give users personalised alerts about incidents on state roads,” Gay said.

“In particular, you will be able to save your favourite travel routes and set up push notifications for them.”

“For example, you could set up a 'home-to-work' route with alerts scheduled every weekday at 6am. The apps will then send an alert to your phone, letting you know if there are any incidents on this route.”

According to Gay, the apps also include 'Driving Mode' and 'Passenger Mode' functions, which send alerts to your phone based on your current location.

“When you turn on 'Driving Mode', you will receive short audio messages to notify you of nearby incidents. If you turn on 'Passenger Mode', you will receive audio and text messages.”

“These apps are great tools for planning a trip but remember it’s illegal to use your phone while driving so anyone who wants to use them will have to agree to a road safety pledge before being able to access them.”

More than 355,000 RMS customers have already downloaded Live Traffic NSW for iPhone and iPad, and this number increased significantly during the recent flooding.

Development has also started on upgrading the Android app with these new services. More than 45,000 customers have downloaded Live Traffic NSW for Android.

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