NHVR to take control of the Five Star scheme

The recent meeting of state and federal transport minister (SCOTI) has put the onus the new National Heavy Vehicle Regulator to develop the proposed Five Star rating scheme for trucking operators into a national program. NHVR are emphasising this scheme is not a form of accreditation and will not compromise existing accreditation programs like Trucksafe and the NHVAS.

“Ministers decided the project regarding the Five Star rating system will now be led and managed by the NHVR,” said NHVR CEO, Richard Hancock. “It was based on a proposal put forward by the NSW Transport Minister. We have to look at the feasibility of a Five Star rating system and any benefit that might come from it. We will look at all the options, what will it look like, how will it work?

“The Road Freight Advisory Committee in NSW has been doing work on this with some prominent people on it like Ron Finemore and Tony Sheldon. That now comes to us and we will do more work around it and will consult widely with industry. I think the best way to take it forward is to form a joint government and industry committee.”

Hancock went out of his way to assure the trucking industry, it is not another form of accreditation and won't replace Trucksafe or the NHVAS. The scheme will not be mandatory. It will be a rating system which will give operators a level of recognition if they are accredited under schemes like Trucksafe or NHVAS. The recognition will also be based on the enforcement history of the company.

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