NHVR reminds drivers to plan ahead for Easter

A B-double travels on a highway during a long weekend in NSW.

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) is issuing a timely reminder for heavy vehicle drivers and operators to exercise caution ahead of the Easter long weekend.

NHVR CEO Sal Petroccitto said with increased traffic anticipated during the holiday period, the regulator is reminding all road users of the importance of responsible driving behaviour.

“We know the Easter long weekend historically sees a surge in travel as holidaymakers hit the road to spend time with family and friends, making it essential for all drivers to take caution and be patient on congested roadways,” he said.

“The NHVR is urging heavy vehicle drivers to conduct thorough pre-departure inspections of their vehicle, ensure proper load securement, and importantly, practice fatigue management by following work and rest requirements.

“Unfortunately, 11 people lost their lives in crashes involving a heavy vehicle in Australia during April last year.

“One life lost on Australian roads is one too many, so it is critically important that whether you are driving a truck, bus, car or motorcycle you remain patient and ensure safety is top of mind when travelling to your destination.

“All road users need to prioritise rest, take plenty of meal breaks and overall, just take care of yourselves on the road.”

NHVR Executive Director Corporate Affairs Michelle Tayler said the regulator would also like to remind motorists to give trucks the space they need on the road, with heavy vehicles unable to stop suddenly and requiring longer braking distances.

“While Easter is a time for holidays for many Australians, the trucking industry doesn’t stop, which means there will be plenty of heavy vehicles still out on the roads,” Tayler said.

“It’s crucial to remember where a truck driver’s blind spots are – if you are in a truck’s blind spot, the driver won’t know you’re there, so if they suddenly have to brake or change lanes you’re at risk of a collision.

“This Easter, we want all drivers to make it to their destination safely.”

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