NHVR releases EWD Compliance Policy

The NHVR has released the draft Electronic Work Diary (EWD) Compliance Policy ensuring that heavy vehicle drivers using either electronic or written work diaries are treated the same.

NHVR Productivity and Safety Executive Director Geoff Casey said the EWD Compliance Policy would provide the right balance between safety and compliance to ensure a consistent approach for those who voluntarily use the new technology and that information is accurate and accessible.

“The policy outlines the NHVR’s requirements for meeting record keeping laws whether you utilise the technology or use traditional Written Work Diaries (WWDs),” Casey said. “For example, EWDs will record and show work and rest time to the nearest minute, unlike WWDs which use blocks of 15 minutes. This will be a benefit to many drivers who will no longer have to round down rest time, or round up work time, to the nearest 15 minute block.

Casey said the EWD Compliance Policy will also make it clear that while an EWD must alert drivers of an approaching work or rest deadline, potential minor breaches of less than 15 minutes will not appear as a breach in the EWD Compliance View. Authorised officers who check EWDs will access the Compliance View of a driver’s work and rest times.

“Drivers will also have the ability to correct information prior to approving their work and rest times at the end of each work day,” said Casey. 

Once finalised, the outcomes will be published and the NHVR will begin preparations to accept applications from technology providers for approval to provide the technology to record work and rest.

Casey said that while EWDs must meet the requirements of the EWD Standards, they may include additional functionality to meet individual business needs.

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