NHVR offers fit-for-purpose approach to fatigue management

In the interests of providing safer and tailored fatigue risk management options to industry, the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has today launched a new Advanced Fatigue Management (AFM) digital application pack.

Available in the NHVR Portal, the new application pack is designed to remove unnecessary complexity and provide improved guidance.

“AFM provides transport operators with the ability to tailor work and rest options within outer work limits, so long as they can demonstrate appropriate risk controls and transparency in their operations,” said NHVR Acting Chief Executive Officer, Raymond Hassall.

“As Australia’s safety regulator, we are committed to supporting operators and drivers to work together to ensure drivers are behind the wheel when they are most fit, and resting when they are tired,” he said.

“The new AFM application pack has reduced 40 pages of paperwork into an online tool that includes a step-by-step process with templates, real world work and rest hour examples and risk controls so there is no need to start from scratch.

“While standard hours suit many businesses, AFM provides those operators who want to establish a more fit-for-purpose approach to managing fatigue safety risks and be transparent about what they are doing.”

The application pack was launched at the Livestock and Rural Transporters Association of South Australia (LRTASA) Conference in Adelaide.

President of the LRTASA Frank Tedesco said the new approach would greatly support livestock and rural transporters, particularly due to the unique nature of transporting live loads.

“Livestock transporters can often face uncertainty and complex situations during journeys,” Tedesco said.

“Having the flexibility to get to a safe location will minimise stress on drivers and improve safety outcomes,” he said.

“The new application pack makes it clear what safety practices are expected to offset fatigue safety risks and is customisable so each business can tailor to their own needs.”

AFM is a module within the NHVR’s National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS), that provides a performance-based approach to fatigue risk management.

AFM applications are still assessed against the ministerially approved NHVAS Business Rules and Standards.

Features of new AFM Application Pack include an online tool in the NHVR Portal that includes fillable forms and templates, reducing complexity and unnecessary paperwork.

It will be supported by a dedicated case manager who will work directly with transport businesses every step of the way in completing, lodging and providing post application support

Real world work and rest hours examples based on common AFM approved schedules are incorporated meaning there is no need for businesses to start from scratch.

There is a selection of customisable risk controls and counter measures that operators can select to offset and manage fatigue safety risks.

An automatically generated safety case to support AFM applications is provided in a downloadable and consistent format.

The NHVR will continue to work with industry to improve the information in the AFM application pack and update the content to ensure it remains fit for purpose.

The new application pack is available under the accreditation menu in the NHVR Portal.

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