NHVR: More details on new Advance Fatigue Management scheme

One of the tasks set for the NHVR, when it was initially set up, was to enable small more trucking operators to use the Advance Fatigue Management (AFM) scheme. The take-up of the system had been relatively low due to the complex nature of the accreditation requirements at the time.

As a result, the NHVR has now developed a new Risk Classification System (RCS). The new approach allows trucking operators to assess their intended work schedules against seven basic fatigue management principles.

For instance, it will be possible for operators to submit work schedules which have a higher risk potential (e.g. longer or more frequent shifts) by introducing countermeasures to improve fatigue outcomes. This may include scheduling more and longer breaks from work.

A number of templates for particular sectors of the transport industry are alrerady in development; as is an online tool allowing operators and drivers to complete their AFM application on the Web. According to the NHVR, the new scheme should mean operators will spend less time and less money in developing and gaining approval for a proposed work schedule.

The NHVR also added that operations which currently have AFM accreditation will not have to reapply for a FM when the new scheme comes into being. The regulator will be getting in touch with current AFM scheme members and working with them to develop transitional plans across to the new scheme.

Image: NHVR CEO Richard Hancock

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