NHVR law passes in Queensland Parliament

The Queensland Government this week paved the way for the creation of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator which will oversee the standardisation of regulations nationwide that apply to commercial vehicles over 4.5 tonnes.

The NHVR will be based in Queensland and will work with all other states and territories to roll out standardised regulations that will result in a common set of laws and interpretations across Australia.

The NHVR will also work towards a national registration system for heavy vehicles as well as a national safety monitoring and reporting system.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Scott Emerson said the passing of the Heavy Vehicle National Law Bill 2012 through the Queensland Parliament was an historic occasion for the heavy vehicle industry.

“This Bill cuts through the red tape and will replace a confusing array of eight separate regulators and nine pieces of state, territory and Commonwealth legislation,” Mr Emerson said.

“A national regulator and a single national law will greatly benefit those vehicles travelling from one state to the next. The regulator will be a one-stop shop.

“Cross-border confusion and delays will become a thing of the past under the new regulator.

“The national law will bring clarity, safety and productivity improvements to the entire heavy vehicle industry,” he said.
The NVHR will be an independent statutory body and the next step is for the NHVR Board to be appointed as well as its CEO.

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