NHVR CEO addresses transport industry

The new Chief Executive Officer of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, Sal Petroccitto, has released an update letter to the transport industry acknowledging the bodged job rolling out the permit system.

“The rollout of our access permit function caused considerable pain for industry, especially for those of you in the oversize and over-mass sector,” he said.

On a brighter not he took time to reflect on his first month in the industry and focusing on remedying the faults in the NHVR systems.

He said after his first month on the job and he has had the great pleasure of meeting many of the people working right at the frontline of transport, operators and drivers alike.

“I want to assure you, that in the past few months, substantial effort has been invested at all levels, industry and government, to develop a comprehensive Access Management Remediation Plan,” he said. “I’ll outline more in coming weeks as we progress this with state and territory road transport agencies and local government.

“I also have to say that, everywhere I go, I’m humbled by the ongoing support for the Regulator and, despite the pain, industry’s commitment to the long view.”

He said the reform was many years in the making and the NHVR is working with the industry to reduce red tape and bring you those efficiency gains as soon as possible.

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