NHVR announces new rules for Queensland truck drivers

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) is reminding Queensland truck drivers about the changes coming up with the introduction of the National Heavy Vehicle Law on September 1.

The current ruling allowing drivers to drive within a radius of 200 kilometres each day without filling in a work diary ceases, which will be replaced by the new national ruling to be set at 100km.

According to the NVHR, all drivers of fatigue-regulated vehicles driving 100km or more from their home base or operating under Basic Fatigue Management or Advanced Fatigue Management – must complete a work diary to record their work and rest times.

The NHVR have set out guidelines for drivers to fully understand how the rules for those working under the Standard Hours fatigue scheme will effect them. Although drivers are not required to fill out a work diary they must comply with standard hours work and rest rules. When driving outside the 100 km radius drivers must carry their work diary with them and fill it in, including all work carried out, on that day.

All drivers who are operating under the Basic Fatigue Management and Advanced Fatigue Management schemes are required to fill out their work diary at all times, even if they stay within a 100 km radius of their base. Drivers are also expected to keep their work diary in the truck with them if they have been outside the 100 km radius at any time in the previous 28 days.

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