Next generation Cat truck on the road

Meant to help the young Cat brand cement its place in the Australian trucking community, the Cat CT 610 represents the next generation of trucks designed by the yellow-engine brand.

It is the first Cat model where the engine technology cannot be linked directly back to the period when Caterpillar engines were available in a variety of truck brands in Australia. The new engine, called CT 13, is derived from the Maxxforce 13, which also used in International trucks in the US. It has been adapted for Australian conditions, painted yellow and received the familiar Caterpillar branding.

The truck itself is based on the International Pro Star truck sold in the US, although Cat says it was specifically designed for Australia. For example, it uses an adaptation of the bonnet used on the larger CT 630 model as opposed to an adapted US bonnet from the smaller Pro Star – making it more aerodynamic and reducing wind noises.

Prime Mover took the CT 610 out on the road to see how well the new model matches up to its brand promise – and the first impression was positive. The engine proved to be smooth, quiet and torquey, combining the best of US and European design to do get the job done.

It pulled well down in the rev range and could keep up the momentum at highway speeds, but was also easy to drive around the city – a good sign that Cat is becoming a mature brand in our market.

“The CT 610 is a truck with very little technology developed by the Caterpillar organisation itself, but with enough of the Cat philosophy behind it for the long established dealers here in Australia to get behind the truck and sell it,” Prime Mover's test driver Tim Giles concluded.

Read Tim’s full review on the next edition of Prime Mover, out very soon!

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