New Zealand tanker operator to purchase 79 new Volvos

Dairy products co-operative Fonterra, operator of New Zealand largest bulk liquid transport fleet, is to take delivery of 79 new Volvo trucks during 2013.

“The new Volvo trucks are more fuel efficient, have lower running costs and improve the environmental and economic efficiency of our milk collection operation,” said Fonterra's General Manager of Transport and Logistics, Barry McColl.

According to McColl, the company’s tankers are well known for their reliability on the road. “The Co-op regularly upgrades our fleet because of the vast number of kilometres travelled and next year will be no different for us with around $30 million set aside for 79 new tankers in 2013.”

The new tankers are due to arrive in June 2013 and by mid-August the full fleet is expected to be operational. Fonterra has provided a few of its retired tankers to rural fire services in New Zealand.

On average, Fonterra’s tankers rack up around 1.6 million kilometres over six years before replacement, each one carrying up to 239 million litres of milk during its working life. Hence it is no surprise that Fonterra driver, Rowly Stewart, said that it’s not difficult to become attached to a truck you’ve driven for six years.

“When you drive the same tanker 500 kilometres each day you become quite attached to it. At the start of every shift I always take my tanker through all of the safety pre-checks and make sure it’s clean and polished before i take it out on the road,” Rowly said.

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