New voluntary Australian tyre recycling centre

Toyo Tyre & Rubber Australia said it welcomed the launch of the Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA) scheme by the Federal Minister for the Environment, Greg Hunt.

In a statement, Toyo said a voluntary Australian tyre recycling scheme is a significant victory for those members of the industry who have worked for many years to make tyre retailing more sustainable.

Toyo is one of several prominent tyre brands – representing approximately 60 per cent of the volume of the Australian tyre market – supporting the TSA scheme.

Toyo Tyre and Rubber Australia's chief executive officer Michael Rudd said the launch this week was a great response to an issue that was increasingly attracting the attention of governments and the public.

“Although advanced fuel-efficient tyre technology already makes a substantial contribution, we also have a responsibility to ensure we find the best possible disposal solution for these tyres once they reach the end of their useful life.”

TSA estimated approximately 48.5 million tyres reach the end of their life in Australia each year, but only 16 per cent of those are recycled compared with recycling rates of 43 per cent in Europe and 32 per cent in the United States.

It is hopeful that once the TSA scheme is successfully operational, tyre brands not currently involved will lend their support.

“We believe that the sustainable disposal of used tyres can be achieved without imposing an onerous cost burden on the trade or consumers,” Mr Rudd said.

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