New UD Condor put to the test

A Queensland furniture delivery contractor is one of the first converts to UD Trucks' new Condor medium duty range, with early economy figures putting the vehicle in a league of its own.

Married couple Ian and Sheree Jones, were one of the first to order a new MK 11 250, and they haven't been disappointed by their new acquisition. Through his 20-year experience in the transport industry, Ian has found the UD to be the perfect truck for the environment he's operating in.

According to Ian, who runs furniture delivery routes for Super Amart out of Toowoomba, it’s one of the best trucks he’s ever owned, economical and equal to the European trucks in his fleet. “The ride is fantastic, and it's very economical”, he says. “We're getting close to 5km/L on diesel, and the AdBlue hasn't been a problem, we're seeing nearly 8,000km per 50L tank.”

One of the big attractions of the UD is the truck's good reputation for reliability, with the isolation of many of Ian's destinations putting an emphasis on a dependable vehicle. Thus he renews his truck every three to five years.

“The comfort of the truck is really improved by the suspension seat for the driver, it rides brilliantly,” Ian explains. “Another great feature is the new entertainment console. Out west we are in and out of radio reception, but I plug my iPhone in, and away we go. It's very easy to setup and play music through the truck's stereo, as well as use the phone hands free.”

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