New trucks for 2011

Ministers of the Australian Transport Council (ATC) agreed in April 2005 to a package of new emissions standards for heavy vehicles, requiring a gradual upgrade in emission technology. From 1 January 2011, Australian Design Rules (ADR) 80/03 (Euro 5) has taken effect.

We investigate what some of the major tuck manufacturers have on offer for 2011:

The arrival of the Cat truck has been a much-anticipated launch in 2010. The result of a joint venture between American corporation Navistar and Caterpillar, NC2 Global is the new company behind the iconic name. Combining the expertise of two global companies, two models will be available in 2011. The CT-610 and CT-630 will target the most popular segments of the Australian transport market. The CT-610 will use the proven Caterpillar C13 engine, offering a maximum of 470hp. With a bumper to back-of-cab (BBC) measurement of 2.72m, it will be targeted to 19-metre applications and has a capacity of up to 57 tonnes. The CT-630 will use the C15 ACERT engine producing 550hp with a base GCM of 72-tonnes fitted with Hendricksen HAS 460 suspension or 90-tonnes when the Primaax PAX460 rear suspension is specified. With a BBC measurement of 3.10m, it is suitable for B-double on-highway road train applications.

Freightliner will introduce the new Coronado in 2011. “This truck is an exciting development,” said Carlo Beltrame, Senior Executive of Daimler Trucks. “With the immense grille it’s got a classic ‘Big Rig’ look but underneath the surface it’s state-of-the-art technology and designed to deliver reliability, performance and safety.
“We’ve built it tough enough to go off-road to make sure it can do anything on-road,” Carlo said, introducing a prime mover – the Coronado – and a more rigged version suitable for both prime mover and rigid applications called SD. The SD (Severe Duty) will be fitted with heavy-duty axles, a bigger section frame, heavy-duty suspensions and GSMs that go from 90 to 140 tonnes for road trains. The Coronado will be available with Cummins or Detroit Diesel engines. Both versions can be upgraded without changing the engine hardware and both are ADR80/03 compliant.

Fuso has unveiled the latest generation of the light-duty Canter truck which will roll out into global export markets in 2011. “After eight years, the all-new vehicle replaces the very successful predecessor model in Japan,” said Albert Kirchmann, CEO and President of Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC), one of Asia’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers. “The new Canter’s vehicle concept sets new benchmarks for economy, environmental compatibility, safety, and design.”
The new Canter meets the Japan New Long-Term Emission Regulations (JP09) introduced in 2010. Boasting the lowest fuel consumption values in the light truck segment, the entire series also meets Japan’s fuel efficiency standard for trucks, which will go into effect in 2015.
The new Canter is powered by the light and highly efficient Fuso 4P10 diesel engine and fitted with the Duonic dual-clutch transmission, making it the first commercial vehicle to feature this type of transmission as standard.

The new Euro 5 range does not only meet the stringent controls on nitrogen oxides and particulate matter specified on ADR80/03, but also – in most cases – the strict European EEV standard. Without the need to fit new engines and new technology to the trucks, the Japanese company has been able to concentrate on developing its product, offering new models and adapting its range to suit the requirements of the Australian market. The FX range, for instance, has been simplified to suit Australian conditions, while the N an F series have undergone minor changes regarding the engine control modules and the cooling of the EGR system. In the N series, there are two new tipper models, the NLS 200 and the NLR 275. Taper leaf front springs have been added to the NPR 300, 400 and NQR 450 models, increasing capacity by 30 percent. The FX range has been upgraded with a new 256 kw engine including a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) to clean emissions.

Iveco will celebrate 2011 by introducing the new Powerstar. It will be available with a 15 litre Cummins ISX EGR engine that delivers up to 550hp and a 16-speed EuroTronic 11 automated transmission. Able to meet 26m, 34 pallet B-double configurations, the combination of American power and European comfort is designed to capture Australia’s heavy-duty transport market.

In addition to optical retouching, the 2011 Kenworth range sees the introduction of the new Eaton “Ultrashift plus” automatic transmission featuring a new clutch technology called ECA (Electric Clutch Actuation) and intelligent shift selection software to ensure trucks have maximum performance and efficiency. Depending on the engine specified, ADR 80/03 compliance is achieved either by Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), where the engine and after treatment perform as a system to meet ADR80/03; or Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR).

Daimler is focused on environmentally sound vehicles in 2011. An important focus at Daimler Trucks is alternative drive systems, where it is demonstrating its leadership in the development of hybrid, natural gas, and fuel cell drives. The Atego BlueTec Hybrid, the Econic NGT Biogas, and the Citaro FuelCELL Hybrid are designed to revolutionise the industry. The new Active Brake Assist 2 will also be available in 2011, as well as the Actros Edition White Liner/ Black Liner.

Scania has announced it will improve truck productivity, comfort and performance in 2011. Therefore, the new R-series, the upgraded P- and G-series, the V8 truck range, the new Scania Opticruise and Scania Driver Support contribute to higher earning capacity. A host of new technical solutions and innovative services are said to reduce fuel and operating costs, increase safety and achieve maximum profitability. A new generation of 9.3-litre gas engines are the latest development on Scania’s new engine platform (9.3/12.7/16.4 litres). They are available in the Scania P-series trucks in a wide variety of cab and chassis configurations. Chassis-mounted composite tanks provide a capacity of 640 litres of gas. The 270 and 305hp engines comply with EEV emission standards.
In addition, the V8 truck range is renowned for offering ample performance, imoproved fuel economy, high uptime and a long service life. The R-series features the new automated gear changing system, Scania Opticruise. Scania Driver Support provides on-board assistance for drivers eager to hone their driving skills to perfection, while squeezing the most out of every drop of fuel.

Based in China, JAC is one of the biggest truck manufacturers in the world – and this brand is set to hit our shores in 2011.
While JAC trucks are assembled in China, with most components coming from well-known global suppliers, they are specified to suit the Australian market.
White Motor Corporation, a Sydney based company set up to import vehicles from China to Australia, began talks with JAC in 2008, achieving ADR compliance in 2009. The company has introduced JAC into the New Zealand market and will introduce JAC models into Australia in early 2011.

Best known for its success in the automotive sector, Hyundai is set to branch into the commercial vehicle market with the introduction of light duty trucks in 2011.
These trucks are completely new to the Australian market and use Hyundai components throughout.
The manual gearboxes are available in five or six speed configurations. Innovations Hyundai is introducing into the Australian market are a spring suspended driver’s seat and an extra large cab option – each of which are new to the light duty segment of the market.

With the introduction of the ADR 80/03 exhaust emission rules, Hino has brought in several new technologies across the range.
The 700 Series models will be offered with an overdrive version of the ZF AS Tronic automated manual gearbox. This is the first time such sophisticated European transmissions have been sold in a Japanese truck outside of Japan.
In the 500 Series medium duty models, the interior has been changed and updated, with driver’s SRS air bag now standard. These models will also have an all new engine platform to be unveiled this year.
Three engine variations will be available in 300 Series models this year, all of which use common rail fuel injection, variable nozzle turbo charging and cooled EGR. Engines will also be fitted with a DPR after-treatment device in the exhaust stream to bring emissions levels down to allowable levels.
Automatic and automated transmissions will also be introduced across a broader range of models.

Western Star
As an importer and distributor of Western Star Trucks, MAN Trucks, Foton Trucks and more recently, Dennis Eagle trucks; 2011 is set to be an exciting year for Western Star.
Based in the United Kingdom, Dennis Eagle is one of largest specialist vehicle manufacturers building dedicated refuse truck chassis and bodies – and according to Western Star, Dennis Eagle offers the best product to meet the difficult and demanding needs of the Australian refuse sector.
These trucks will be distributed through the existing Western Star/MAN dealer network.

Volvo Trucks
The Volvo Trucks 2011 line-up has been designed to meet or surpass the new ADR 80/03 exhaust emission rules. To meet these stringent requirements, fuel efficient SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology is used exclusively throughout the entire model range. The manufacturer says that such technology offers better fuel economy, cooler running engines, longer service intervals and increased horse power and torque.
This year, Volvo also introduces the improved FH16 700. Featuring 700hp and 3150Nm (2323 lb/ft) of torque, the FH16 700 is designed to conquer even the most challenging of tasks.
The FH16 will also be available with 600hp and 2800Nm (2065 lbft) of torque.
Other improvements to the 2011 model include an increased AdBlue capacity and an upgraded ‘D version’ I-shift gearbox.

Mack Trucks
2011 Mack truck models will offer more power and torque, improved fuel economy and longer service intervals as well as several cab refinements, according to the manufacturer.
Mack will also introduce its automated manual transmission, the mDRIVE and a new generation of Mack drive axles.
The mDRIVE is the first automated manual transmission specifically designed and engineered for the Mack truck.

UD Trucks
In 2011, UD Trucks will be introducing all new MK and PK medium duty models with Euro 5 emission standards, while the GW range of heavy duty trucks will receive significant updates to many of its features.

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