New trucking company enters long haul market

John Dixon and Sean Williams have formed a new transport company to compete in Australia's contested long haul market. Formerly known as Bunker Freight Lines (BFL), John and Sean purchased the company from Silk Logistics Group in 2013 and re-named it to Redstar Transport.

Interestingly, both John and Sean are ex-Silk men and already knew the business inside out before making the move. After a career that included Executive Director roles at Linfox, Patrick Corporation and Skilled Engineering, John spent the previous three and a half years as Managing Director of Silk Logistics Group, while Sean, joined Silk as Chief Financial Officer in 2008, when private equity group Gresham Partners first acquired the companies that formed Silk Logistics Group.

Together, the two decided to separate the old BFL business from the Silk Group and create a whole new brand. Now with the fresh Redstar Transport identity, the company is set to flourish in what is a highly specialised market, moving full trailer loads of express line haul freight on a sub-contract basis for a number of major companies that require time-sensitive deliveries to be carried out in a safe and compliant way.

Read the full report in the next edition of Prime Mover, coming soon.

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