New transport business capitalises on driver tasks

Start-up ecoloads, a new transport business, has launched in Australia. The peer-to-peer operation connects certified transport operators who want to bid on freight jobs across the country.

Like Uber, the third party service utilises free space afforded on trucks allowing operators to fulfil removalist tasks.

The service targets those looking to move office or house and will apply to commercial product and even bulk items like heavy machinery.

With 3500 transporters already offering their services, ecoloads according to its founder Jordan Panos, is tapping into the nearly 50,000 businesses registered for road freight transport.

“For example, a courier who travels from Port Macquarie to Sydney once a month and comes back with an empty truck can now get found by a small business and offer a backload,” Panos told the Sydney Morning Herald.

The business model will rely on enabling drivers to attract more jobs en route, which he said will reduce costs for transporters.

Transporters, who register for the service, nominate the type of transport they can provide, verify their bank details and can bid on potential jobs via email. 

“If vehicle loads are full, less trips are needed, which helps cut carbon emissions, minimises noise pollution and reduces traffic congestion,” he said.

Transporters register by selecting the type of transport service they can provide. Once their bank details have been confirmed they’re alerted about potential jobs via email, which they can bid on.

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