New session added to Freight Week

The Victorian Transport Association has announced it will add a new session to the program in order to educate Councils and communities on the advantages of high-performance vehicles.

“As Australia grows, so too do the number of trucks on local roads. They are needed to service the growing freight task that is generated by an expanding economy. However, the growth in both the number and size of trucks is a concern to Councils and local communities, as they want to protect their roads and the public also express safety and environmental concerns,” the VTA said.

“The challenge of meeting the needs of Councils, communities and freight carriers needs to be better understood. This seminar brings together freight carriers, regulators, Local and State Government, road authorities and industry groups to discuss how community concerns can be met.”

Controls over vehicle specification and the routes they operate on as well as infrastructure protection measures are featured in the new session. “Hear industry experts discuss the issue and a range of options to keep our freight moving, safely and efficiently, in a growing economy.”

Speakers include Rob Freemantle, Executive Director Policy & Programs at VicRoads; and Maurice Stabb, Director Infrastructure of the Wyndham City Council. The session will be held onTuesday, 3 September, as part of Freight Week 2013.

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