New Scania Streamline now in Australia

Scania has introduced the new Streamline R and G Series cabs to the Australian truck market. Deliveries of these new models begin immediately, with Euro 5 compliant engines available as standard. A limited number of Euro 6 engines are optionally available for customers wishing to specify the stricter exhaust emissions standard.

The main visual changes are aerodynamic improvements to the cab corners and changes to the sun visor corners to improve airflow and cut down noise. Inside the new trucks there are updates to the trim and redesigned driver seats, now manufactured by Recaro.

Scania is also fitting low-drag gearboxes with friction optimised internals, a lighter and stronger single-drive rear axle (for 4×2, 6×2, 8×2 variants) and a revised Opticruise automated transmission system with three modes. A new dual battery set-up to improve starting reliability is also available as an option.

The first aerodynamically optimised Scania Streamline was introduced on the 3-Series models in 1991, and was successful in Australia.

“The 2013 Scania Streamline is the latest evolution of the Scania long haulage cab that has been continuously improved since the debut of the R Series in 2004, and the update in Europe in 2009 that won International Truck of the Year,” said Roger McCarthy, Managing Director of Scania Australia. “With the new Streamline models in R and G Series, we are presenting meaningful aerodynamic enhancements to the cab, as well as mechanical and technical upgrades that help to reduce running costs for our customers, boosting their profitability.

“The adoption of the friction-reduced low-drag gearbox, revised and more intelligent Scania Opticruise gear changing software, a new single-drive rear axle, freshened and improved interior appointments and comfortable driver seats, that include optional ventilation, provide both operators and drivers with a higher degree of comfort when owning and running a Scania. The changes are directly aimed at helping our customers generate more profit for their businesses.”

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