New Scania off-road trucks

In Europe, Scania has developed a range of new off-road trucks, purpose built for the most extreme conditions. The initial trucks have been based on the Scania G-series, and a full range of P-series models will follow.

The front of the truck has been designed for ultimate functionality, with a number of inclusions to protect vulnerable components. This includes a sturdy steel bumper that protrudes 135mm to protect the cab from minor bumps – 80mm more than the previous protruding bumper. The previous bumper is still available, however, the new bumper has an attack angle of a full 25 degrees which, together with generous ramp and departure angles make the vehicle liable for off-road classification and thus exempt from the front underrun protection requirement.

They also feature all of the latest features and functions being incorporated into new Scania trucks, such as Scania Opticruise with off-road mode, new traction control features and the new Scania Retarder with enhanced low-speed performance
From 2012, the full range of Scania heavy-duty trucks will be powered by a global range of engines that will be used worldwide for all emission standards – Euro 3, Euro 4, Euro 5, EEV and Euro 6.

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