New rest areas for truck drivers announced

Five new projects have been green lit as part of the heavy vehicle rest area program.

The Federal Government has given the green light to five new projects in the Heavy Vehicle Rest Area Program.

Projects will be delivered on the Barrier Highway in South Australia, Newell Highway and Sturt Highway in New South Wales, and in Pingelly, Western Australia.

These projects are part of a $17 million a joint initiative between federal, state and local governments, with the Commonwealth contributing over $14 million.

They are funded through the second tranche of the Heavy Vehicle Rest Area Program (HVRAP), which will provide $140 million of funding over ten years.

The projects include the construction of new rest areas with dedicated slip and turning lanes, shelters, landscaping, and connecting footpaths, as well as the upgrade of existing ones from light to heavy vehicle classification with all-weather pavement, solar lighting, and amenities.

“By investing in much-needed rest stops, we will ensure that our truckies spend less time on the roads and get home safely to their loved ones,” said Federal Assistant Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, Senator for Tasmania Carol Brown.

“I would like to thank the HVRA Steering Committee for their work in identifying these strategic projects that are essential for the safety of all road users.”

Chair of the Heavy Vehicle Rest Area Steering Committee Glenn Sterle said the Australian Government’s Heavy Vehicle Rest Area initiative aims to increase heavy vehicle user safety and productivity through vital new and upgraded rest areas across their journey.

“We want to keep our truck drivers and communities safe and these new and upgraded rest stops will help drivers reduce their fatigue as they keep goods moving across the country,” he said in a statement.

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