New port security rules

As of 1 July, the Australian Government introduced new port security rules that will affect operators that apply for new Maritime Security Identity Cards (MSIC) or apply for existing cards to be reissued.

A further 161 offences were added to the existing list of 137 offences which would prevent people from holding MSICs. Those convicted and imprisoned for offences such as deceptive trade practices, carrying a concealed weapon and aggravated assault will not be able to hold an MSIC. Riot, kidnapping and arson automatically disqualify a person from obtaining a card.

Even if a person was previously able to hold an MSIC because an offence was not previously listed, they may still not be able to have their card reissued once it expires.

Those that are prevented from holding an MSIC can lodge an appeal to the Australian Government’s Office of Transport Security. People who have held an MSIC but have committed an offence that is now on the list may receive specific consideration if an appeal is lodged.

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