New Paccar MX engine to hit market

The long awaited public arrival of the new Paccar MX engine fitted to Kenworth trucks in Australia may take place at the upcoming Brisbane Truck Show. Kenworth will not confirm the new engine's imminent unveiling but a long period of engineering work to integrate the engine into the Australian Kenworth range has been completed.

The 12.9 litre engine first appeared in the DAF range over five years ago. It has been sold here in the CF and, more latterly, in the XF 105. The version to be used here, in Kenworths, is the MX built in the US for their market and currently selling well in both Kenworth and Peterbilt brands. It has picked up considerable market share since its introduction to the US market two years ago.

The six-cylinder diesel engine uses a compact graphite iron block to reduce weight and SCR to reduce exhaust gas emissions and meet ADR 80/03. Fuel injection comes from an electronic unit pump pressurising fuel for SMART injectors with 'variable needle opening pressure’; this enables precise multi point fuel injection. The turbo used is single stage.

In the DAF models sold here, the engine has been coupled with the ZF AS Tronic gearbox as well as the Roadranger 18 speed constant mesh box. In the US, the engine works with Eaton gearboxes, both manual and Ultrashift AMT. The choice decided on for the Australian market is, as yet, unclear but likely to be revealed at Brisbane.

The Kenworth models to be fitted with the new engine will be the T403, T409 and the T409 SAR. Power options for the engine vary around the world, in the US it is available from 380 to 500 hp whereas in Europe it goes from 360 to 510 hp. The options chosen for Australia are to be top two European options at 460 and 510 hp with torque at 1700 and 1850 ft lb, respectively.

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