New online business network launched

Ambitious procurement professionals globally will now have a place to collaborate online thanks to Procurious, a new online business network launched this week.

According to Procurious, the new online hub will target a new generation of procurement professionals looking to advance their careers, develop their skills and expand their professional networks.

“Procurement has a new face. It’s now younger, more ambitious and more global than ever before. There’s a huge opportunity for bright and ambitious procurers to begin changing the face of the profession from the inside out,” said Tania Seary, founder of Procurious.
“Corporate supply chains are in the media spotlight every day – but procurement often remains the unsung hero for its role in creating competitive advantage and upholding the reputation and value proposition of businesses and brands.
“In fact, those working in procurement are often ahead of the curve with competitive market intelligence from their supply network that helps them drive product and service innovation. They are usually one of the first innovators or advocates for change within their organisations.”

Seary added, “Procurious bridges the gap between networking, thought leadership and technical information – no other online platform does all three. It’s unique to the profession.”

Procurious will include groups and lively discussion forums, news tips and advice, access to online and offline events, plus a range of mobile and desktop accessible e-learning modules – all compatible with a full range of devices, from PCs to mobile.
The site is currently live, but will officially launch with all features in September.

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