New models join Renault Kangoo LCV range

Renault Australia is providing more choice for light commercial van buyers with the debut of a long wheelbase Maxi model, as well as a new short wheelbase manual transmission petrol model joining the Kangoo range.

The new Renault Kangoo Maxi turbo-diesel model is powered by a 25 per cent more powerful version of the four-cylinder engine previously used. The engine now develops 82kW and 240Nm of torque and has a six speed manual transmission as standard.

The Renault Kangoo Maxi also delivers 33 per cent more cargo capacity at 4.0 cubic metres, and 25 per cent more carrying capacity (800kg vs 650kg). Sliding doors on either side are now standard, as are twin barn doors on the rear and a rear tailgate is available as an option.

Joining the new Renault Kangoo Maxi is a new entry level short wheelbase 1.6 litre petrol manual Kangoo which comes with a five speed manual gearbox. It offers the same 3.0-cubic metre carrying capacity and a 650kg payload as the existing automatic transmission petrol-powered version.

“The arrival of the new Renault Kangoo Maxi opens up many additional possibilities for us in the light commercial market,” said Lyndon Healey, LCV Brand Manager at Renault Australia.“Plus, the repositioning of the automatic transmission petrol model and a new entry manual transmission petrol model mean that we are able to deliver what our market has told us it wants,” said Mr Healey

As an introductory incentive, Renault have also announced that all of their light commercial vehicle models purchased before the end of April will have the factory warranty extended to  five year/200,000 kilometres.

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