New Kenworth CEO Mike Dozier meets Craig Membrey

New Kenworth CEO Mike Dozier recently introduced himself to Craig Membrey, Managing Director at Membrey’s Transport and Crane Hire. He was accompanied by parting CEO, Joe Rizzo, as well as Andrew Hadjikakou, Michael Crawford, Daniel Crawford and Russell Davey from Hallam Trucks.

“We’re a faithful Kenworth client and the brand has always been supporting us – not only as a business, but also on a personal level,” Craig said. “It’s great that the old and the new CEO came out to meet me in person, which is a sign that our close relationship will continue in the future.”

Apart from supplying a substantial share of the Membrey fleet, Kenworth has been supporting Craig in promoting depression awareness since he lost his son Rowan to the illness in 2011.

Back then, Rowan John Membrey took his own life at the age of 17. Despite a loving family and a promising future as a BMX rider, he became depressed while using the drug crystal methamphetamine (also known as ice) and it proved too much for him to bear.

However, rather than conceal his son’s suicide due to depression, Craig has immortalised Rowan’s memory on a Kenworth T904, which is being used to promote the work of mental health organisations such as beyondblue.

Ever since Rowan’s heart-breaking death, the Kenworth is touring the country to help promote depression awareness. “Rowan was a typical Australian boy and the Kenworth is an Australian-made truck, so I think it’s the perfect fit.

“Plus it reminds me that are some lovely people out there and I am lucky to have some of the best as staff, suppliers and customers, who have all given me tremendous support,” Craig said. “They helped turn the grief into something worthwhile.”

The Rowan T904 is spearheading a fleet of 120 pieces of equipment, which will soon be joined by a brand-new K200 that is currently being built.

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