New Isuzu Giga more fuel efficient

Isuzu’s heavy duty Giga range has undergone several enhancements designed to provide operators with greater fuel economy and an improved driving experience.

It has taken two years of research and development by Isuzu engineers to update the current Giga range. What they have come up with is a range that delivers an improvement in fuel efficiency of up to 10 percent (dependent on application), a greater level of driver comfort and four Giga variants to suit a wide range of operator needs.

“We recognise that there’s always room for improvement – on the fuel economy front, we’ve made several refinements to the Giga range designed to deliver a marked improvement in that respect,” said Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) Product Planning and Engineering Support Manager, Colin White.

“We’ve revised the engine control software of the Giga range to enhance fuel efficiency at low engine speeds, adjusted the rear axle ratios on some models to provide low RPM at cruise, and modified shift strategies in the transmission software to reduce average engine RPM.

“And the reprogrammed engine software has adjusted the ‘sweet spot’ so optimal fuel economy is reached at lower engine RPM, and over a greater operating range.

“To take advantage of this change, axle ratios were revised on some models to reach optimal fuel efficiency when cruising at 100km/h.

“The shift points on the AMT have also been adjusted downward in the engine operating range on both 12 and 16-speed models.”

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