New HiLux range receives safety, convenience upgrades

Toyota has announced a massive performance and capability upgrade for the HiLux Rogue 4×4 flagship pick-up, which will be enhanced with a wider track and updated suspension package in the fourth quarter of 2022.

The new dual-cab HiLux Rogue will see a track increase of approximately 140 mm in the front and rear, while the vehicle’s ride height has also been increased by 20 mm. To accommodate the track increase, the length of the HiLux’s front suspension arm and front stabiliser bar have extended, and the shock absorber angle has been adjusted to improve efficiency.

Rear axle length has also been extended, dampers have been moved further out towards the wheels, and, for the first time on a HiLux, a rear stabiliser bar has been installed to enhance cornering stability and ride comfort.

Toyota Australia Vice President Sales, Marketing and Franchise Operations, Sean Hanley, said the HiLux’s upgrades demonstrate Toyota’s dedication to offering improved vehicles to its valued customers.

“The significant suspension upgrades to the HiLux Rogue not only improve off-road capability but create a more stable and comfortable on-road driving experience,” he said. “Continuous improvement is a key facet of Toyota’s philosophy and has been clearly achieved by this latest HiLux premium model.”

Due to the vehicle’s suspension changes, roll rigidity has been enhanced by 20 per cent, improving steering feel when cornering and changing lanes.

The HiLux will also receive a brake upgrade, with new rear ventilated disc brakes replacing the existing drum brakes for ‘enhanced braking performance’, and larger 17-inch front disc brakes replacing the predecessor’s 16-inch ones.

Wide track overfenders and mudguards have been installed to house the increased track width, and the front body extension has also been widened to seamlessly integrate with the front bumper.


Along with the arrival of the wide-bodied Rogue, the HiLux’s core variants will receive a series of upgrades from Toyota as well.

SR extra-cab and double-cab models will get new black 17-inch alloy rims, replacing its previous steel wheels. Body-coloured door handles will also come along for the ride for a more premium look.

For the SR5 double-cab pick-ups (also included in the Rogue), extra active safety equipment will come as standard with the addition of blind-spot monitor and rear cross-traffic alert for ‘greater on-road peace of mind’.

A panoramic view monitor has also been added to the SR5s to help them manoeuvre in tight spaces, as well as puddle lumps which replace heated exterior mirrors. Its steering column lock has been replaced by an ID Box anti-theft immobiliser on automatic SR5 grades and above, which Toyota says will add an extra level of security when starting the car with the smart key.

Toyota is also planning on launching a new apex off-road HiLux variant, which will replace the HiLux Rugged X.