New Fuso Canter Eco-Hybrid on display at ITTES

Australian truck buyers had the opportunity to have a sneak peak at the next generation Canter Eco-Hybrid at this years' Melbourne Truck Show. The new model has only just gone onto sale in Japan and it is already scheduled for sale in Australia later this year.

The new Canter Eco-Hybrid is based on the same parallel hybrid system used in the current Canter Eco-Hybrid, which incorporates a diesel engine and an electric motor. Depending on the driving needs, the system can actively switch between either power source, or use them both together, to ensure optimal performance.

Many of the core components have been greatly improved and some of them can already be found in Fuso’s Euro5 diesel only Canter range. The new model has significantly more power thanks to a more powerful and cleaner 4P10 EEV compliant diesel engine (110kW vs. 96kW previously used) and a more powerful electric motor.

Drivers will also appreciate the addition of Fuso’s DUONIC dual clutch AMT. This gearbox has received positive feedback by the industry since its introduction in mid 2011 and Fuso believe it to be the best transmission currently available in a light-duty commercial vehicle.

The location of the clutch pack between the diesel engine and electric motor is critical in the Eco-Hybrids design. It allows the clutch to regulate and control the hybrid system by engaging and disengaging the diesel engine and/or electric motor depending on whether they are required or not. This is a unique point of difference between the Fuso Eco-Hybrid system and competing hybrids. Together with the lithium-ion battery, this allows the Canter Eco-Hybrid to take off using the electric motor only.

An Idle Stop/Start system (ISS) allows the driver to turn the diesel engine off and on at traffic lights by simply moving the gearstick from “Drive” to “Neutral” and back again. This allows for even further fuel consumption savings and reduced emissions.

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