New funding for Northern Gateway

A new road project funding announcement from the federal Department of Transport and Infrastructure will see improvements in the access for freight in the Manning Valley, north of Taree in NSW. The Northern Gateway project will get $10 million to put a new four lane road bypassing Cundleton, including a new bridge across the Dawson River.

The project will also improve access to the Taree Airport Precinct as well as freight movements around northern Taree to and from the new Interchange Facility being built on the northside of Taree, on the Pacific Highway.

The new road is part of a long term process to improve freight outcomes in the local area, including Forster, Taree, Gloucester, Port Macquarie and Kempsey, known as the Northern Gateway. The Interchange Facility is planned to act as a hub for transport delivering into the region. At the same time the new road will keep large trucks off local streets, away from residential areas.

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