New Euro 5 engine for Hino

A new five-cylinder J07E engine has replaced the six-cylinder J08E in Hino FC, FD and FE models. This new engine is said to provide more power and torque, and improved fuel economy when compared to its predecessor.

The J07E engine is Hino’s latest in engine development. It uses leading-edge technology to achieve increased fuel efficiency and reduced emissions to meet all Euro 5 standards.

“We can now offer cleaner trucks which deliver on fuel efficiency and low emissions,” said Alex Stewart, Hino’s Divisional Manager, Product Strategy & Development.

“The standard-cab models have the new engine, while the wide-cab FG, GH and FM8J models have an improved version of the J08E engine.

“The improved Hino J08E delivers 16kW more power than its US04-rated predecessor.”

The new engines feature new engine control units (ECUs), and enhanced fuel mapping and effective variable-nozzle turbochargers (VNT) to improve fuel economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Emission technology also includes using a cooled exhaust-gas recirculation system (EGR) and a diesel oxidation catalyst with a particulate filter (DPR) to break down various pollutants in the exhaust gases.

“There are a number of new and exciting features across the 500 Series range,” Mr Stewart said. “The entire 500 Series has benefited from the extensive Australian testing and evaluation carried out by Hino, to ensure that these models best meet the local environmental and climatic conditions.”

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