New electric charging station opens

The first fast charging station for electric vehicles has opened in Victoria. The new facility can charge an electric vehicle in around 30 minutes instead of the usual overnight charging period. The new station, on Swinburne University of Technology's Hawthorn campus was opened by Victorian Minister for Roads and Terry Mulder as part of the government's $5 million electric vehicle trial.

This follows the introduction, onto the Australian truck market, of the first electric powered truck by Smith Electric Vehicles. The new vehicles went on show, for the first time, at the recent Brisbane Truck Show and have created a good deal of interest for operators running vehicles in metropolitan areas over relatively short distances.

“The coalition government recognises the long-term benefits and advantages that electric vehicles will provide for our transport system and the environment,” said Mulder. “Swinburne University is leading the way with the research they are doing into sustainable transport and this is a perfect fit with the electric vehicle trial. We are proud to be partnering with Swinburne University on this exciting addition to Victoria sustainable transport network.

“It brings together the the Victorian government, Swinburne University, electric vehicle charging network provider ChargePoint and car manufacturer Nissan to share information, promote discussion and foster industry development.”

The $38,000 fast Charger was funded by the Victorian government and the University's Faculty of Engineering paid for the installation. Prof Linda Kristjanson, Swinburne University of Technology's Vice Chancellor and President, said Swinburne's Electric Vehicle Research Group was one of the leading groups in the world in electric vehicle research, development, policy and education.

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