New Actros “Record Run 2011”

The new Mercedes-Benz Actros, which made its world premiere in Brussels, Belgium, in recent weeks, is said to consume three to seven percent less diesel than its predecessor, the Actros MP 3. To prove the vehicle’s fuel efficiency, Mercedes-Benz is putting the new Actros to the test in the “Record Run 2011” comparative trial.

The test, which will run from 26 June to 2 July, will involve a new Actros 1845 LS meeting the Euro 6 emissions standard, and one meeting the Euro 5 standard. Both trucks will take off fully laden on a typical European service run travelling from east to west, on a route from Rotterdam to Szczecin and back again.

The statistical basis for comparison is scheduled to be made up of six driving cycles covering around 10,000 kilometres.

The so-called ‘Nardo’ version of the Actros 1844 LS MP 3 fuel will be used as a reference guide. This truck holds the current record which is regarded as the benchmark. It achieved world champion status in 2008 with record fuel consumption and CO2 emission savings under laboratory conditions at the Italian race track in Nardo, thus gaining an entry in the Guinness World Records. Although this test covered roughly the same distance, the truck and trailer were aerodynamically optimised for that record attempt.

During the new test, the two vehicles will travel on the route from the Netherlands via Germany to Poland and back under regular traffic conditions.

Results for the test will be determined on Saturday 2 July when the three trucks cross the finish line at the FutureLand in the Rotterdam Europort.

They will all be refuelled, with measurements taken for the final time at the Shell Portland filling station in the port of Rotterdam. Refuelling, sealing of fuel tanks and numerous other vehicle components, as well as the fuel consumption assessment, are being carried out by internationally recognised expert appraisal company Dekra to ensure that the data has been assessed by a neutral party and will be available from Sunday, 3 July 2011.

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