New Actros proves its fuel efficiency

The Mercedes-Benz “Record Run 2011”, held in Brussels from 26 June to 2 July and covering over 10,000km, aimed to test the fuel efficiency of the new Actros.

A new Actros 1845 LS meeting the Euro 6 emissions standard, and one meeting the Euro 5 standard went head to head in a comparative trial, travelling from east to west – from Rotterdam to Szczecin and back again. A third vehicle, the ‘Nardo’ version of the Actros 1844 LS MP 3 fuel, was used as a reference guide.

Through the test it was found that the new Euro 6 compliant Actros undercut the currently valid standards by up to 80 percent. The new generation of Actros vehicles have been fully redesigned in compliance with Euro 6 and use 4.5 percent less diesel than the current Actros heavy-duty truck.

In the test, the new 1845 BlueTec 5 Actros ran on 7.6 percent less diesel in the 10,000 long-haul comparative test drive than the current Actros 1844 BlueTec 5 model. The Actros 1844 BlueTec 5 set a reference value of 27.1 litres per 100 kilometres. With the optionally so-called Nardo specification, the test vehicle was designed for minimum road resistance. The follow-up Actros 1845 BlueTec 6 model undercut this benchmark by 4.5 percent, running on 25.9 l per 100 km.

AdBlue consumption also showed impressicve results in the new Mercedes-Benz Actros. The comparative test drive from Rotterdam to Stettin and back revealed a difference of more than 40 percentage points between the present-day Mercedes-Benz 1844 LS (1.55 l/100 km) and the new Euro VI-compliant Mercedes-Benz Actros 1845 LS (0.86 l/100 km). The AdBlue consumption of the Euro V version on this route stood at just under 1.1 l per 100 km.

Each of the vehicles covered just over 10,000km in seven 24-hour shifts, with the average daily mileage standing at 1600km, broken down into an 800km day shift and a night shift of equal length.

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