NatRoad welcomes new superannuation levy for long distance drivers

The National Road Transport Association (NatRoad) has welcomed the proposed changes to the new superannuation guarantee levy (SGL) for long distance drivers.

According to NatRoad, the changes come as a direct result of its ‘Ordinary Hours of Work’ submission to the Fair Work Commission; and consequent indusry discussions with the Australian Tax Office (ATO) that have taken place over the past three years.

“The advice from the Australian Tax Office will be well received by industry and NatRoad looks forward to promoting this advice to road transport operators throughout Australia,” said Chris Melham, CEO of NatRoad.

The ATO advice will allow calculation of the levy on the basis of 38 hours at the hourly driving rate, or 38 hours at the cents per kilometre rate, at the notional rate of 75 kilometres per hour that is used to calculate both the hourly driving rate and the cents per kilometre rate.

As at the 3 July, 2014, NatRoad has received two written advices from the ATO that provide the allowable methodology for payment of the SGL for long distance drivers that can commence from the first full pay period in July. 

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