NatRoad supports NSW decision on notices

NatRoad has welcomed the announcement by NSW Roads Minister Duncan Gay, to remove the requirement for truck drivers to carry the Class 2 B-Double route approval notice.

NatRoad President, Geoff Crouch, said that this decision is in line with NatRoad’s general policy position on reducing the amount of paper work required to be carried by drivers.

“New South Wales is getting ahead of the game on this issue. The proposed national heavy vehicle laws, scheduled to be in place by 1 January 2013, will remove the requirement to carry notices in most cases, unless carriage of documentation is a specific condition of the notice,” Mr Crouch said.

“The NSW Roads Minister has made steady progress on road transport issues since coming to office this year with positive changes for the transportation of wool bales, improved access to HML maps, the discontinuation of ineffective speed cameras, the restoration of the 110km speed limit on most of the Newell, the ongoing review of speed limits on other major transport corridors and a significant departmental restructure,” said Mr Crouch.

“The NSW Government has a clear agenda to improve the regulatory environment for road transport operators and the NSW Roads Minister has shown a willingness to listen to the legitimate concerns of industry. NatRoad intends to put forward our considered view on the proposed national heavy vehicle laws to all Road Transport Ministers in the lead up to an out-of-session vote on the first tranche of legislation, expected to commence later this month,” Mr Crouch added.

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